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    CECL Process Automation Capabilities

    Moody’s Analytics process automation tools provide firms with reliable, repeatable, and auditable impairment analysis and process management capabilities, while decreasing operational complexities associated with the CECL standard.

    We help financial institutions automate provision calculations; facilitate data warehousing, model methodology, and scenario analysis; perform audits; and produce disclosure reporting. Firms that have identified gaps between CECL requirements and available resources, can reduce demand for resources with our highly interactive, scalable tools.

    Automate your Impairment Analysis with End-to-End Management

    We empower organizations with transparency and auditability in the credit allowance process, taking users through a step-by-step CECL analysis. With modular capabilities, clients have the flexibility to incorporate their own inputs, including data, models, and economic scenarios, or leverage our CECL solutions for impairment analysis. For auditing purposes, qualitative overlays are traceable, capturing any adjustments, and eliminating the need for cumbersome spreadsheets. Built-in analysis and reporting provide insights to your allowance and meet the requirements for disclosure reporting.

    Reduce Risk and Gain Efficiences with CECL Automation

    With open architecture, you can aggregate and include data from core banking and credit risk management systems and spreadsheets, reducing the amount of time and effort from valuable resources. Integrate your credit risk, finance data, and accounting systems and incorporate a variety of methodologies to forecast expected credit loss. Manage the review process through a controlled workflow that allows you to customize rules for multiple reviews and approvals.

    Benefit from an Integrated Solution

    These CECL process automation tools are part of our Credit Loss and Impairment Analysis Suite, which includes credit risk models and data, economic forecasts, advisory services, and infrastructure solutions that assist with the implemention of expected credit loss and analysis. This modular, flexible, and comprehensive solution can address the many challenges of implementing impairment calculations.