Key Attributes
Comprehensive Coverage
Moody’s Analytics Global Macroeconomic Model produces a joint forecast of over 12,000 global economic and financial time series, accounting for roughly 95% of global activity.
Timeliness and Data Quality
To ensure that the forecasts reflect the most accurate and timely information available, the historical data series are sourced directly from national statistical offices wherever possible.
Structural Modeling Approach
Variables are forecasted using a simultaneous system of structural economic equations that allow for a variety of cross-country interactions through demand, price and financial market linkages.
Globally Linked Forecasts
Linkages in the simultaneous global model allow for shock propagation and contagion effects, and ensure greater scenario consistency: trade flows, financial markets, prices and investment.
stress testing
Full Transparency & Auditability
Forecasts and scenarios are fully documented and transparent, updated monthly, and supported by rigorous processes that stand up to regulatory scrutiny.
Robust Diagnostic Processes
Extensive diagnostic processes ensure that our forecasts are stable from month to month and consistent with the current business cycle outlook of each nation.
Key Features and Methodology

Model Coverage

*Coverage as of July 2018
Get a Deeper View on Our Global Macroeconomic Model
Get a Deeper View on Our Global Macroeconomic Model
In this webinar replay, Mark Zandi and Mark Hopkins provide insight on our Global Macroeconomic Model and highlight recent economic analysis. Recent research produced in the model include:
Economic Outcomes Produced in the Global Macroeconomic Model
US Stock
U.S. Stock Sell Off Hurts Global Growth
Oil Prices
Higher Oil Prices Have Mixed Impacts
Trade War
U.S. – China Trade War
Generate Your Own Forecasts Based on Our Model Using Scenario Studio
Generate Your Own Forecasts Based on Our Model Using Scenario Studio
Moody’s Analytics Scenario Studio enables you to produce custom scenarios based on our global macroeconomic model in a multi-user environment with process controls that provide complete oversight.

View this video to see how easy it is to perform a shock on the German 10-year yield.
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Our standardized and integrated approach allows clients to test the impact of shocks and readily compare and evaluate performance across geographies.

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