Transform Your Business with Third-Party Master Data You Can Count On
Organizations are continually evolving, and increasingly relying on data-driven decision making. Today’s competitive environment pushes them to achieve better, faster decisions, but they often struggle without the complete and accurate data required to successfully harness its power. Integrating trusted third-party business partner data as a core component of an enterprise master data management (MDM) program helps address these challenges.

A successful MDM program can have many business benefits including enabling a holistic view of the customer, streamlining supplier/vendor decisioning, and more efficient compliance and regulatory screening, ultimately minimizing costs and risks to an organization while also maximizing business agility.
Moody's Analytics Solutions for Master Data
Moody's Analytics Solutions for Master Data

Getting master data right is one of the most important data quality functions a company will perform. And validating and enriching internal customer, supplier and partner data with third-party data helps organizations create a single source of truth – a 'golden record'. These 'golden records' reduce risks, as well as friction in governance and adjudication by increasing efficiencies. Third-party data can help ensure the success of the MDM program – both at the start and as part of ongoing maintenance. Learn more about our master data solutions.

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Gather Your Data
  • Critical Datapoints: Define your critical business entities and core data attributes
  • Global Coverage: Collect and aggregate data from internal and third-party sources
Create Your 'Master'
  • Entity Resolution: Effectively match and link disparate data across internal and third-party sources
  • Entity Enrichment and Remediation: Decide on rules to create your ‘golden record’ or ‘master’ and address gaps in coverage and/or datapoints
Maintain Your 'Master'
  • Systems Integration: Integrate the “golden records” across your enterprise systems
  • Consistent ID/Primary key: Seamlessly incorporate updates on a regular basis leveraging Orbis ID