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Organizations are continually evolving, and increasingly relying on data-driven decision making. Today’s competitive environment pushes them to achieve better, faster decisions, but they often struggle without the complete and accurate data required to successfully harness its power. Integrating trusted global entity data as a core component of an enterprise master data management (MDM) program helps address these challenges.

A successful MDM program can have many business benefits including enabling a holistic view of the customer, streamlining supplier/vendor decisioning, and more efficient compliance and regulatory screening, ultimately minimizing costs and risks to an organization while also maximizing business agility and increased business intelligence.
Our Solutions for Master Data
Our Solutions for Master Data

Getting master data right is one of the most important data quality functions a company will perform. And validating and enriching internal customer, supplier and partner data with global entity data helps organizations create a single source of truth – a 'golden record'. These 'golden records’ reduce risks, as well as friction in governance and adjudication, and therefore increase efficiencies. Global entity data can help ensure the success of the MDM program – both at the start and as part of ongoing maintenance. Learn more about our master data solutions.

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Match and Validate
  • Entity Resolution: Effectively match and link your disparate customer/supplier/partner entities across internal sources to a robust third-party reference data provider with global entity and digital data coverage
  • Live Entity Validation: When necessary, validate your entities against live corporate registries and tax authorities globally, optionally downloading official documentation
  • Maintain a unique set of entities by assigning an internal unique entity identifier, along with linked entity identifiers from internal sources and third-party data providers
Enrich Your 'Master'
  • Entity Enrichment: Create your ‘golden record’ including common firmographic attributes and hierarchy relationships required across your enterprise to support “search before create” as well as consistent decisioning against single source of truth for entity data
  • Remediate: When critical gaps in coverage and/or datapoints occur, have a reliable and efficient data remediation process
Maintain Your 'Master'
  • Monitor & Maintain Changes: Continuously keep your golden records up to date by applying changes you receive from your third-party reference data provider by leveraging the link to their unique entity identifier (e.g. Orbis ID).


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  • Our third-party reference data, powered by Orbis has been named most innovative entity data hierarchies approach. Orbis has over 462 million entities across the globe, and entity hierarchies linking entities, ownership, locations and people, including 213 million active ownership links, 23 million branches, and 1.8 billion total ownership links.


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  • Orbis, a leading entity reference data provider, has won Best Reference Data Provider at the annual Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data Awards 2023, hosted by WatersTechnology.



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  • Our Orbis database was named Best Entity Data Solution in Europe for a second year in a row. The global database of over 472 million entities and 2500+ key data attributes, has been critical in helping our clients create records of their key business entities including their customers, suppliers and locations.


  • For the second year in a row, Orbis has won Best Entity Data Solution at the Data Management Insight Awards USA. Recognized by the A-Team Group, Orbis is the most powerful comparable data resource on private companies.


  • Orbis has been recognized as the Best Reference Data Provider by a Vendor at the The Global BankTech Awards 2023. Our robust database supports customers’ growth, efficiency and risk management objectives in an era of exponential risk.


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