Featured Product

    BBC Easy revolutionizes the management of Borrowing Base Certificates for financial institutions and their business customers by automating borrower reporting and automatically calculating the borrowing base according to a lender’s parameters.

    Innovative Technology for Streamlined Processes

    Enhance the Customer Experience
    Keep a competitive edge by making BBC reporting fast, easy, and painless for your customers. One-click reporting and an email notification system mean no more hounding your clients.

    Get Instant Insights
    In addition to getting immediate BBC calculations based on your own parameters, spot problems early with the Business Health Overview, dynamic reports, and detailed per-customer calculations based on real-time information.

    Save Time and Reduce Errors
    Automation of the BBC process eliminates error-prone manual entry and time-consuming analysis. Calculations that used to take hours now take less than a minute, freeing lenders to spend their time growing their business.