Moody's Analytics Affiliates

LAST UPDATED: October 13, 2022

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Name Country of Incorporation
Moody’s Analytics, Inc. US
Moody’s Analytics (DIFC) Limited UAE
Moody’s Analytics (India) Private Limited India
Moody’s Analytics (Thailand), Co., Ltd. Thailand
Moody’s Analytics Australia Pty. Ltd. Australia
Moody’s Analytics Canada Inc. Canada
Moody’s Analytics Czech Republic s.r.o. Czech Republic
Moody’s Analytics Deutschland GmbH Germany
Moody’s Analytics do Brasil Solucoes para Gerenciamento de Risco de Credito Ltda Brazil
Moody’s Analytics Hong Kong Ltd. Hong Kong
Moody’s Analytics Japan K.K. Japan
Moody’s Analytics Korea Co., Ltd South Korea
Moody’s Analytics SAS France
Moody’s Analytics Singapore Pte Ltd. Singapore
Moody’s Analytics Taiwan Co., Ltd. Taiwan
Moody’s Analytics UK Limited UK
RBA International Limited UK
Risk First, Inc. US
Risk First Limited UK
Risk Management Solutions Holdings, Inc. US
Risk Management Solutions, Inc. US
RMS Worldwide, Inc. US
RMS UK Holdings, Inc. US
RMS UK Risk Management Solution Limited UK
Risk Management Solutions (Bermuda) Ltd Bermuda
RMS Japan Corporation Japan
Risk Management Solutions (Bejing) Limited China
Risk Management Solutions Ltd UK
RMS Risk Management Solutions India Private Limited India
Moody’s ESG Solutions USA Inc. US
Moody’s ESG Solutions UK Limited UK
Moody’s ESG Solutions Belgium SA/NV Belgium
Moody’s ESG Solutions Chile SpA Chile
Moody’s ESG Solutions Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong
Moody’s ESG Solutions Morocco Morocco
Moody’s ESG Solutions Singapore Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Moody’s ESG Solutions Italia S.r.l. Italy
Moody’s ESG Solutions France SAS France