Investigative Audit Program

Internal audit as the third line of defence is experiencing greater scrutiny and pressure to provide assurance and added value to the business. Investing in the competence of control function personnel has become a key focus for banks globally.

Moody’s Analytics has joined forces with award-winning experts from audit and law enforcement to offer a unique professional development program to help banks identify and mitigate their exposure to risk.

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Program outcomes include:

The program will provide participants with:

Higher order interpersonal skills for engaging stakeholders, managing the conversations within an investigation, and influencingdecisions and actions that mitigate risk exposure

Higher order cognitive skills for performing the investigation: mindset, approach, systematic analysis of detail, knowledge of how the brain functioning in humans affects the information you collect, knowledge and ability to mitigate the risk of human biases which can otherwise impair the efficacy of your investigation

A tool to systematically capture information gathered during interviews that enables the auditor to assess the validity of the information and the reliability of the interviewee

Tools for identifying changes in behavior indicating ‘hot spots’ that need probing further and for detecting deception

Planning and preparation tools for investigation management and interviewing