Increase the quality and reliability of tax and transfer pricing outcomes with access to trusted third-party data, optimized analytics and tailored solutions.

The complexities surrounding international corporate taxation and transfer pricing are becoming more challenging, even for the most well-versed practitioners. Tax Authorities worldwide are placing greater scrutiny on the tax practices of multinational corporations, constantly refining their approach to identifying and assessing international taxation risks. Of particular focus are transfer pricing arrangements involving the transfer of goods, services, intellectual property, and financing transactions.

Data and analytics play a crucial role in navigating these complexities:
Whether you’re employed by a tax authority, customs team, professional services firm, or multinational enterprise, you can increase efficiencies and reduce the time and costs of addressing the complexity of international tax and transfer pricing with access to quality, timely data, optimized analytics, and tailored solutions.
Quality Data and Advanced Analytics Are Essential for Tax and Transfer Pricing Management
With increasing rigor by Tax Authorities on “Closing the Tax Gap” and global tax reforms fundamentally changing the tax landscape, the importance of effectively managing tax and transfer pricing risks has never been greater. Accurate data and analytics are the fundamental building blocks needed to successfully navigate these challenges. Embracing quality third-party data and analytics can help you accomplish the following objectives:
Moody’s Analytics can deliver key elements to help you meet these challenges. We can help you expand and improve the quality of your tax and transfer pricing decisions by giving you access to:
Benefits of Moody's Analytics Tax and Transfer Pricing Solutions
Benefits of Moody's Analytics Tax and Transfer Pricing Solutions
  • Company data, such as credit and financial information, to use as an input for arm’s length pricing, tax base erosion and profit shifting analyses.
  • Credit risk assessment and interest rate benchmarking tools aligned with latest OECD guidance.
  • Information delivered directly through our web-based platforms, or your existing platforms via our proprietary connectors and partner APIs.