Help your business improve supply chain resiliency

As supply chains grow more complex, so do the risks they bring. From credit to compliance, fair trade to environmental, emerging risk in your supply chain needs to be monitored and managed before it hits your business.

Volatility and disruption have sparked changes in supply- and demand-side risk, creating an opportunity to rethink the way supply and procurement strategy deliver resilience and agility for your organization.

Whether your focus is risk in your existing portfolio, or onboarding new suppliers as part of your procurement process, Moody’s Analytics can provide data to help you build a 360-degree view of supplier risk into your monitoring and workflows, making it easier to assess and manage risk holistically – across credit, compliance and reputation.

The right supplier risk management strategy and procurement processes can set you apart. By moving beyond a supplier’s ability to meet their contractual obligations, to assessing their role in your resilience to risk, you can transform your supply chain into a support network for your reputation and profitability.

Build a more complete 360-degree view of supply chain risk with data

Without full data coverage, you can’t be confident you have correctly assessed your risk exposure. You’ll need holistic data and tailored workflows to identify, assess, monitor and report risk effectively.

Your supplier onboarding and monitoring processes need to measure third parties’ credit, compliance and reputational risk profiles, to help you anticipate disruption and build an agile and resilient supply chain.

Whether you’re assessing risk-specific exposure or reviewing a specific supplier’s practices or connections, our global entity data and workflows can help you build a more complete view of risk in your supplier portfolio:

  • Listed and unlisted companies
  • Individuals
  • Marine vessels

Identifying, onboarding and monitoring suppliers

Six steps to 360-degree supply risk assessment

Manage supplier risk with data, ratings and scores

Benefits of Moody’s Analytics supplier risk management solutions

Strengthen your supply chain strategy with data and technology to make supplier risk management your organization’s differentiator:

  • Leverage our holistic data to build a 360-degree view of supplier risk
  • Collaborate with our workflow experts to assess and report risk exposure in your supplier portfolio
  • Gain insight into supplier credit worthiness, ESG practices and compliance risks to help safeguard against operational and reputational risk

Events: supply chain in focus

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Explore the next generation data and analytics platform for supplier risk management

Supply Chain Catalyst provides a 360-degree view of suppliers across financial, sustainability, reputational, and regulatory risk factors. It assists the user with analyzing vulnerabilities and anticipating potential disruptions across the supply chain.
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