Access Trusted Company Data to Research Competitors, Industries, and Business Financials

Whether you’re a part of a law firm, academic institution, library, or government entity, you have likely experienced the challenges involved with gathering a high volume of fact-based data to inform your research and diverse audiences. Roadblocks can arise when individuals and organizations provide you with out-of-date, incomplete, unstructured, or inaccurate data, creating time-consuming tasks for your researchers, who need to aggregate and quality review information from several different parties.


Part of the challenge is likely the diversity of your data requirements. Researchers typically need access to local and global entity structures, private and public company financials, current and historical data, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, and current and former ownership data to deliver critical and actionable corporate intelligence. Such data can help you to form the unique insights you need and provide your library or research center with the resources they need to effectively support their internal stakeholders. Without such solutions, wading through a high volume of dense information from various sources can prove to be both time consuming and costly.


Reliable Entity Data is Essential to High-Quality Decisions
Reliable Entity Data is Essential to High-Quality Decisions

Entity data is valuable in a variety of different use cases, including as inputs to research projects that evaluate organizational and industry trends, assessing the competitive environment in which a firm is operating, and understanding financial successes and setbacks. 


Whatever your use cases, you will need reliable entity data solutions that can address the volume and complexity of your data challenges, so you can feel confident in making key business decisions for your own business and/or your clients. 

Benefits of Moody's Analytics Research and Competitive Intelligence Data Solutions


Benefits of Moody's Analytics Research and Competitive Intelligence Data Solutions

Entity coverage that meets your current and future requirements for:

  • Local and global corporate structures
  • Private and public company information
  • Current and historical ownership and shareholder details 
  • Detailed company merger and acquisition data 
  • Current and historical financial data that allows for analysis of company performance through varying economic cycles
  • Data management tools that enable an efficient research process