Compliance Skills for Financial Institutions

In the new regulatory regime, compliance staff require not just core technical skills but behavioral competencies to be effective in their role.

The Moody's Analytics Compliance Curriculum is designed to provide compliance staff, both new and seasoned, with the skills and tools they need to execute their role in an increasingly risk-exposed environment.

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Compliance staff need solid technical, analytical, and communication skills to be effective. The Moody's Analytics Compliance Curriculum prepares both new and experienced staff to execute successfully in a risk-charged environment.

As the scope and mandate of regulatory regimes grow, the role of the compliance officer has never been more important. Not only is the organization exposed to increased risk of sanctions, but senior managers and certified staff face potential personal liability too.

As a result, compliance staff must have the technical and behavioral skills to ensure compliance while minimizing the associated costs.
The Moody’s Analytics compliance curriculum was developed by a multi-disciplinary team, including award-winning practitioners and experts in the fields of:

Corporate governance

Organizational behavior

Law enforcement

It provides a comprehensive learning pathway designed to equip both new and experienced compliance staff with the skills they need to conduct monitoring and testing, contribute to policy development, engage in investigations, and manage relationships with regulators.

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