Moody's Analytics CECL Webinar Series: The Roadmap to Success

The new CECL accounting standard is expected to increase costs to prepare, audit, and analyze allowance for credit losses, and will impact how capital is managed.

In this five-part webinar series, we discuss the new standard, and help you determine what you will need for a successful CECL implementation. From gap analysis to data and models to credit impairment analysis and automation, we will provide a roadmap to establishing a holistic approach in the change to CECL.

Webinars in the Series

Meeting the Analytic Challenges of CECL 
Our experts will show methodologies for calculating losses, and explain how to establish and defend reasonable and supportable forecasts, connect the allowance for credit loss estimate to key risk functions, and analyze the impact to reserves and your business.

Leveraging Industry Data for CECL Compliance
Learn how using supplemental data can help alleviate fundamental data architecture challenges. Our experts will cover tools that capture economic, loan-level, and cohort-level data across several asset classes, which can be used for forecasting credit losses and benchmarking internal models.

Lifetime Expected Credit Loss Modeling 
Learn more about ECL quantification tools to support CECL implementation across all major asset classes, including dual-risk rating models (PD/LGD), credit cycle adjustment and scenario conditioning models, segment-level loss rate models and discounted cash flow (DCF) and non-DCF methodologies.

Economic Scenarios for CECL: What’s Reasonable and Supportable? 
Our experts will review four critical topics in scenario management for CECL: the requirements for forward-looking economic scenarios, characteristics of robust economic scenarios, challenges of time horizon for scenarios, and comparisons between scenarios for CECL and IFRS 9.  

Empowering Users, Satisfying Auditors 
Learn how Moody’s Analytics Credit Loss and Impairment Analysis suite helps financial institutions overcome increasingly complex challenges of implementing CECL and best-practice allowance processes.

 For additional information on Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL), visit our CECL Resource Center.

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