Deliver Transparency and Efficiency

Helping global financial institutions overcome challenges in the risk and finance modeling lifecycle, from acceleration of model implementation and integration, to instant access of modeling data and methodologies. We provide the necessary transparency and audit capability during the modeling lifecycle.

A Powerful Solution


Exclusive, model-ready, and global data spanning several asset classes from the Data Alliance.


Pioneering model building, validation, and calibration using industry-leading data and the RiskCalc™ model.


Industry-recognized, established and proven processes with unique expertise tailored to your portfolio.

CAP Features and Capabilities

Enhanced Modeling Data


Build robust models suitable to your portfolio—access award-winning, cleaned, and model-ready data. Spanning several credit cycles, it contains more than 92 million financial statements.



Build tailored models using proven modeling frameworks applicable to your portfolio, and where applicable—supplement with award-winning data.



Improve overall model risk management practices—streamline the modeling process to produce more robust risk and finance analytics. 


Reduce deployment time and integrate with applications seamlessly—access model artifacts (R, Python) using open APIs and automate the end-to-end process.

Check out our integrated, modular solutions to address your business needs

Simplify the modeling lifecycle process and integrate seamlessly with your existing system infrastructure to address accounting, regulatory, and other strategic business needs. Incorporate the essential software components to fulfill your individual requirements and save on your upfront technology and modeling investments.


A user-friendly and auditable platform for data consolidation, model warehousing, expected credit loss calculation, and insightful analysis of results for CECL and IFRS 9 implementation.

Capital Risk Analyzer

It combines economic, credit, and accounting know-how to help evaluate strategic decisions based on financial and regulatory metrics for capital planning and stress testing (DFAST, EBA).


A complete credit lifecycle management solution built on the latest cloud-based technology, designed with a flexible modular architecture, backed by industry-leading data and analytics.

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Accelerate model lifecycle management and collaboration across your company:

  • Access proprietary data: Augment internal data with Moody’s Analytics data to create more robust models.
  • Fast-track model deployment: Effortlessly create an API from your model code and maximize return on investment.
  • Apply a proven framework: Increase productivity and reduce personnel risk with a time-tested modeling process.
  • Increase all-around efficiency: Drive transparency with embedded collaboration, workflow, and version control tools throughout the modeling lifecycle. 

Drive Business and Operational Efficiency

Reduce the cycle time and costs of model development while improving resource utilization.

Deliver Forward-looking Risk Visibility

Use robust data and highly predictive analytics to help anticipate and prevent adverse risk incidents.

Drive Agility and Risk-based Decision-making 

With proven processes and technology, enable seamless collaboration among teams across the organization.

Build Confidence with Regulators and Executives

Establish a strong risk data governance and issue reporting framework with clear lines of accountability.

Meet our Experts

James Partridge

James specializes in commercial and consumer credit analytics in the Americas. His focuses on offering solutions related to risk ratings, impairment, stress testing, and portfolio management in the credit space.

Laurent Birade
Laurent Birade

Laurent advises U.S. and Canadian financial institutions on risk and finance integration, CCAR/DFAST stress testing, IFRS9 and CECL credit loss reserving, and credit risk practices. He has more than 20 years of experience in finance, credit, risk management, planning, and IT.

Sourish Sarkar

Sourish advises U.S. and Canadian financial institutions on credit assessment, origination, and risk management solutions. He specializes in data management systems, credit origination, security, and system architecture with large volumes of data and analytics.