Sample of our Findings

of lenders see their main area of focus in the future as systematically collecting, analyzing and reporting data so that they can understand and target customers effectively

of lenders want better data insights to support the business front line, because they see it as the way to enhanced customer satisfaction


of lenders are already automating the process of financial spreading

Lending Under Pressure

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Customer Centricity
Customer-centric lending

In an increasingly competitive market, meeting customer expectations is vital for any lender that wants to succeed.


Lending in turbulent times

A challenging market is leading lenders to re-invent their processes. Most will focus on the ability to systematically collect, analyze and report data.


Meeting the regulatory challenge

Lenders must take steps to improve their technological capabilities, to meet regulations and gain a competitive edge.


Lenders are responding to the challenges of a rapidly changing market by thinking creatively and adopting digitization strategies. Forced to strike a balance between keeping up with changing regulation and developing technological capabilities, many are turning to systematic data collection, automation and analytics. Using these tools effectively can help lenders build resilience and turn data into profitable insights.

Moody’s Analytics surveyed lenders across five European regions to better understand the impacts on lending from regulation, climate change, COVID-19, data, and technology transformation. This report includes their responses to the following questions:

    • How are you adapting to the changes in your ecosystem?
    • What does digital transformation mean for your organization?
    • How are you prioritizing and dealing with roadblocks along the way?
    • Which digital and analytics tools will have the most impact on your transformation?
    • What excites you about the future?

Download the report now to see how your lending business compares.

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