Automate Your Credit Allowance Process for CECL
Introducing ImpairmentStudioTM

The Moody’s Analytics ImpairmentStudio solution enables banks to streamline and expedite provision calculations for CECL with a highly interactive and user-friendly tool.

The ImpairmentStudioTM solution combines:

Data Center to centralize and reconcile data from multiple sources

Scenario Library that provides easy access to Moody’s Analytics and custom macroeconomic scenarios

Model Inventory housing Moody’s Analytics and client-owned credit risk and allowance models

Powerful CECL calculation engine, supporting a range of methodologies

Built-in analysis tools and management overlays for meaningful and efficient decision making


Moody's Analytics can help you implement CECL with tailored solutions unique to your business, including advisory services, data, economic forecasts, modeling, and process automation. Learn more.

See ImpairmentStudioTM in Action