Webinar | Fast-Tracking LDTI Implementation with RiskIntegrity™ for LDTI

In this session, we will discuss the core reporting and accounting requirements under long-duration targeted improvements (LDTI), and outline how RiskIntegrity for LDTI can help insurers fast-track their implementation to meet deadlines.

We will address the following questions and topics during the session:

- How can insurers best prepare for LDTI accounting rules?
- How will actuarial, accounting and analytics change under LDTI and how will that impact processes?
- What challenges does LDTI pose to large and small insurers, and how can they overcome them?
- How does RiskIntegrity for LDTI combine a preconfigured approach with the flexibility to add custom dimensions, hierarchies and business logic across calculations, accounting and reporting?
- Highlighting the Moody's Analytics differentiators and a walk-through of the RiskIntegrity for LDTI solution