Industry Report | Third-Party Master Data

A Critical Ingredient to Digital Transformations

In this new CDO Magazine report, sponsored by Moody’s Analytics, nine data- and risk-focused executives highlight how a successful master data management (MDM) program can have innumerable business benefits. In this report we cover:

  • The business benefits of third-party master data
  • What is the aspirational state and how can enterprises get there?
  • How can enterprises create and sustain enthusiasm for change?
  • How can enterprise leaders ensure success in practice?

Contributors include:

Moderator: Chris Knerr, Editorial Board Member, CDO Magazine

Mai Alowaish, Chief Data Officer, Gulf Bank

Dave Howell, Director, Moody’s Analytics

Dr. Henna A. Karna, Global Insurance & Risk Management Industry Solutions, Google

Geoffrey van IJzendoorn-Joshi, Head of Data Management, Møller Mobility Group

Roberto Maranca, Data Excellence VP, Schneider Electric

Nollie Maoto, Executive Head: Business Intelligence, Analytics, Planning and Monitoring, FNB South Africa

Krishna Valluru, Director of Advanced Data Analytics Tech, Fidelity

Hugo Veazey, Director, Moody’s Analytics