Episode 5: Ensuring IFRS 17 Implementation Success

Effective Deployment Strategies in Challenging Times

In this special episode, our IFRS 17 project deployment experts share our recent experience working on client projects. We discuss best practices, the optimum approach and organization for efficient deployment in the most challenging circumstances. 

We will cover:

How Moody’s Analytics is supporting clients, including the features of our deployment approach that help remote work

The increasing need for an agile organization of IFRS 17 project teams

Lessons learned from ongoing client projects and advice on adjustments to facilitate remote work


Moderator: Natalia Orzechowska, Director – Insurance Customer Engagement, Moody’s Analytics
Diana Kazakova-Ivanova, Senior Project Manager – Insurance Customer Engagement, Moody's Analytics
Andrew Waters, Senior Director, Enterprise Risk Solutions, Moody's Analytics