Episode 4: Ensuring IFRS 17 Implementation Success Webinar Series

The Moody’s Analytics Core Differentiators for Implementation

Moody’s Analytics has designed a specific project methodology and accelerators for IFRS 17 projects, using our extensive experience with more than 100 implementation projects for Solvency II, actuarial systems, other regulatory regimes, and accounting standards such as Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) or IFRS 9. In this episode, the topics explored include:

The out-of-the-box solution with no required customization

Advantages of the new and improved deployment approach to streamline the implementation process

Moody’s Analytics project accelerators


Moderator: Alexandre Merigay, Senior Director – Insurance, Moody’s Analytics
Natalia Orzechowska, Director – Insurance Customer Engagement, Moody’s Analytics
Massimiliano Neri, Ph.D., Director – IFRS 17, Moody’s Analytics