Episode 1: Ensuring IFRS 17 Implementation Success Webinar Series

Data Readiness

Reviewing available data, its granularity, and source systems cannot start after choosing an IFRS 17 vendor. This first step is vendor agnostic and must precede the software decision.

Topics explored include:

Reviewing a client’s data granularity and mobility from the source system for the IFRS 17 standards (vendor agnostic)

The risks associated with the lack of data readiness

Steps to ensure success:

Creating a data mapping exercise for the appropriate teams

Scheduling data milestones for data readiness

Transforming data and performing pre-processing


Moderator: Alexandre Merigay, Senior Director – Insurance, Moody’s Analytics
Natalia Orzechowska, Director – Insurance Customer Engagement, Moody’s Analytics
Shoaib Shaikh, Senior Manager, Deloitte