Whether you are seeking to improve your strategic plans, assess losses more effectively or have another need, our economic data and forecast solutions can help you achieve your goals with confidence.

Trusted Forecasts at the Macro and Regional Level
Our trusted forecasts have been recognized by Consensus Economics, Focus Economics and MarketWatch for their accuracy.

Forecasts have a 30 year horizon and are updated on a monthly basis reflecting the latest data and expectations. Forecast methodologies are fully documented and we furnish scenario narratives describing our assumptions.

Reliable and Extensive Historical Economic Data
We include value-added series and estimates to address as-reported data, simplifying analysis and facilitating cross-geography comparisons.

Historical data encompasses 300 million economic, financial, and demographic time series; including variables for banking, financial markets, real estate markets, demographics, prices, interest rates, labor markets and more...

We Provide Multiple, Complementary Methods to Retrieve Data & Forecasts

Use our API (Application Programming Interface) to retrieve your subscription directly into your workflow applications and models.


Use our complementary web-based platform to manipulate, download or automate delivery of your data subscription in a variety of formats.


Use our Power Tools Add-in for Microsoft Office to retrieve data and forecasts with the latest updates, directly within Excel.

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