Putting Power Users in the Driving Seat

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Banks can improve their regulatory reporting processes only by giving greater independence and flexibility to those who understand regulatory frameworks and who anticipate future changes.

These subject matter experts are known as power users, but to empower them fully, certain requirements must be met. These requirements can be categorized under four principles. 

  1. Full independence and flexibility to prepare data and troubleshoot problems, and to do so rapidly without relying on IT or other resources.
  2. A powerful user interface (UI) toolkit with a rich set of functionalities.
  3. Continuous and automatic delivery of regulatory updates and upgrades.
  4. Generating reports quickly, with the required level of granularity and access to computing power for data runs, and to perform the calculations needed to deliver a specific report.

Download our new paper, Reporting as a Service: Putting Power Users in the Driving Seat, to learn more.