White Paper: Getting IFRS 17 Implementation Right

Moody’s Analytics and their partners are committed to getting IFRS 17 Implementation right.

Download our whitepaper to enhance your knowledge around the Moody’s Analytics IFRS 17 practice and get answers for questions below:

1. Why is IFRS 17 such a 'revolution' for the insurance industry?
2. How is Moody's Analytics helping insurance organisations to respond to the IFRS 17 accounting standard?                                                                            
3. What is Moody's Analytics offering to ensure an efficient and effective implementation of IFRS 17?
4. How can insurers leverage and protect existing Solvency II or actuarial investments for their transition to IFRS 17?
5. How is Moody's Analytics responding to potential new technology requirements from their clients?


For more information on how to partner with Moody’s Analytics on IFRS 17 projects contact us on PartnerAlliance@moodys.com