Whitepaper: Profit Emergence under IFRS 17

The introduction of IFRS 17 ultimately requires insurance companies to be able to do more than calculate and report the new financial statements. Insurers and their investors will also want to understand how these financial statements might evolve in the future under different scenarios. Gaining such an understanding is particularly important given the specific characteristics of IFRS 17, and how it differs from other reporting standards. Download this paper now to learn what profit emergence might look like for insurers and investors under IFRS 17, and about the importance of being able to project financial statements to understand their sensitivity to market risks, insurance risks, and methodology decisions.


Examines what profit emergence might look like under IFRS 17

Discusses the importance of implementing a modeling framework to project IFRS 17 financial statements over time and under different scenarios

Looks at how projection models can help insurers and investors understand the effect of IFRS 17 on reported profit and loss