Whitepaper: Level of Aggregation in IFRS 17

Most IFRS accounting standards recognize and measure financials at the individual contract level, for example, IFRS 15 revenue from contracts and customers, and IFRS 9 financial instruments. However, insurance companies underwrite large numbers of similar contracts to pool risk. For this reason, the IASB has introduced IFRS 17 guidelines for contract aggregation for purposes of the calculation and adjustment of the Contractual Service Margin (CSM). Download this paper now to learn more about this core requirement of IFRS 17.

This paper provides practical insights into the following key areas:

IFRS 17 requirements and issues with regard to the level of aggregation

Summary and practical considerations on aggregation requirements such as size of groups, trend information, degree of profitability, CSM and cash flows

Risk pooling and risk sharing in light of IFRS 17