Credit Risk Solutions for the Energy Sector

Our credit risk solutions help risk managers assess energy sector counterparties and customers by providing an objective and granular view of credit risk in this key sector. Our solutions provide extensive financial data, robust probability of default (PD) metrics for public and privately held firms, and powerful early warning signals for companies at greater risk of default.

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The Challenge

Low commodity price environment, regulatory requirements, and political unrest are just some of the obstacles impacting the energy sector. Many risk managers struggle with how to develop credit risk management strategies to measure and monitor their exposures. They simply don’t have the internal resources or data.

Our Solution

Moody’s Analytics RiskCalc™ and CreditEdge™ Solutions

The RiskCalc and CreditEdge solutions offer a comprehensive approach to assess the default and recovery of both private and public firms and financial institutions. Our models generate forward-looking probability of default (PD) or Expected Default Frequency™ (EDF) calculations, loss given default (LGD), and expected loss (EL) credit measures.

With Moody's Analytics Add-in for Excel®, get a full picture of your credit risk exposures by viewing and analyzing signals from Moody’s Analytics RiskCalc, CreditEdge, and Market Implied Ratings (MIRTM) models in one solution.

We encourage you to try our credit risk management tools for assessing the energy sector. Please contact us to learn more, arrange a trial, or schedule a personal demonstration.