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    What Should Firms be Considering for CECL that They Might Not be Today?

    In this video, Anna Krayn discusses her observations on how institutions can prepare for CECL implementation, including improvements to technology and processes and conducting quantitative impact studies.

    October 2017 WebPage Anna Krayn

    What are the Major Differences with the New CECL Accounting Standard?

    In this video, Chris Henkel explains how the new CECL standard affects the measurement of expected credit losses and what institutions can do to prepare for implementation.

    October 2017 WebPage Christian Henkel

    Why is Purchased Credit Impaired (PCI) Accounting Being Simplified Under CECL?

    In this video, Masha Muzyka discusses how operational complexities and comparability issues contributed to the changes from purchased credit impaired (PCI) accounting to purchased credit deteriorated (PCD) accounting under CECL.

    October 2017 WebPage Masha Muzyka

    How Should Institutions be Preparing for CECL?

    In this video, Chris Henkel identifies the key factors institutions need to consider during the planning process and how to improve the measurement of credit risk over the lifetime of a loan.

    October 2017 WebPage Christian Henkel

    Risk and Finance Practitioner Conference 2017: Day 2 Recap

    In this video, Anna Krayn of Moody's Analytics recaps Day 2 of RFPC17, which included a Q&A session with FASB board members.

    October 2017 WebPage

    What are Some of the Pros and Cons of Loan Level versus Cohort-Level or Portfolio-Level Models for CECL?

    In this video, Cris DeRitis reviews the advantages and disadvantages of the different type of models that are acceptable for CECL. A portfolio-level approach is a simpler modeling method, but lacks granularity.

    October 2017 WebPage Cristian deRitis

    Which Modeling Methods or Techniques are Acceptable for CECL?

    In this video, Cris deRitis reviews the types of models institutions can leverage to be CECL-compliant including loan-level, loss given default, probability of default, expected at default, vintage cohort, or portfolio-level models.

    October 2017 WebPage Cristian deRitis

    What Should Banks Consider When Using Existing Models for CECL?

    In this video, Cris DeRitis explains how institutions can leverage existing models and modify them to be compliant with the new CECL standard. Acceptable models institutions can use include Dodd-Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST), though-the-cycle or internal models.

    October 2017 WebPage Cristian deRitis

    What are the Pros and Cons of Single versus Multiple Scenario Use for CECL?

    In this video, Cris deRitis discusses how single versus multiple scenarios can impact loss provisions and affect volatility in portfolios. One advantage of a single scenario is the simplicity, but it only provides one number under one scenario which can cause volatility over time.

    October 2017 WebPage Cristian deRitis

    What are Some of the Biggest CECL Implementation Challenges You are Observing in the Industry Today?

    In this video, Anna Krayn explains the key challenges institutions are facing with data, modeling, governance, and technology due to the new CECL accounting standard.

    October 2017 WebPage Anna Krayn

    How Many Forward-looking Scenarios does CECL Require?

    In this video, learn more about the requirements for forward-looking economic scenarios for CECL compliance and the comparisons between scenarios for CECL and IFRS 9.

    September 2017 WebPage Cristian deRitis

    What is CECL (Current Expected Credit Loss)?

    In this video, Chris Henkel from Moody's Analytics provides a brief overview about the new accounting standard, Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL). Listen in to learn more about the implications and how institutions can prepare.

    August 2017 WebPage Christian Henkel

    What are the Key Considerations for Purchased Financial Assets with Credit Deterioration (PCD) Under CECL?

    In this video, Masha Muzyka discusses the accounting challenges faced by institutions acquiring financial assets with credit deterioration under the new CECL standard.

    August 2017 WebPage Masha Muzyka

    Optimize Every Step of Small Business Lending

    American Banker spoke with Nancy Michael from Moody's Analytics about how lenders can improve productivity and decrease cost using the right technology and analytic tools.

    March 2017 Pdf

    Harry Blanchard Interview - Current Challenges and New Solutions in Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities

    Learn about the emerging challenges facing CMBS today in a one-one-one exclusive interview with Harry Blanchard, a market professional with over twenty years of experience on the buy and sell sides. Harry outlines how the Moody's Analytics Structured Finance Portal can resolve long-term frustrations for CMBS investors using aggregated data and comparative analytics across 900 deals spanning nearly 20 years.

    February 2017 Pdf

    CECL Methodologies Q&A

    American Banker spoke with Anna Krayn from Moody's Analytics about CECL, the new FASB accounting standards on current expected credit loss.

    February 2017 Pdf Anna Krayn

    Moody's Analytics Insights with Dr. David Kohl

    Get the latest insight from Dr. David Kohl from Virginia Tech on the challenges in Ag lending for 2017. Hear his viewpoint on profitability and cash flow, from a lender and producer perspective, and why working capital and earned core equity should be key areas to focus on.

    February 2017 WebPage Doug Johnson, David Kohl

    Comprehensive Solution Credited to Achieving Success

    Hear from Marty Updahl, Vice President, on how American Bank Center credits Moody's Lending Cloud to achieving success over the last 19 years.

    January 2017 WebPage

    See How Modern Technology Can Help You Address Everyday Challenges

    Hear from Brandon Baller, Chief Credit Officer, on how Security Bank Nebraska has utilized Moody's Analytics Lending Cloud to address key challenges.

    January 2017 WebPage

    Leveraging Technology for Growth

    Leveraging Technology for Growth

    January 2017 WebPage

    What Are the Key Issues in Ag Lending?

    Downward trending Ag markets are putting a lot of pressure on the bottom line. In 2017 it will be important for lenders to help producers understand their current financial state, and to assist in charting a "go forward" path in this new climate.

    January 2017 WebPage Mike Pearson

    Moody's Analytics wins Chartis RiskTech100® 2017 Stress Testing Award

    Anna Krayn talks about key market needs for Stress Testing in 2017 at the Chartis RiskTech100® 2017 Award Ceremony.

    January 2017 WebPage
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