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    Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

    Virtual Instructor-led Training
    Virtual Instructor-led Training
    Experience highly interactive, virtual classroom training through our live online virtual instructor-led training courses..

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    Changing learning needs

      For more than a decade, Moody’s Analytics has been delivering virtual classroom solutions for our corporate clients across the globe. As more and more businesses adapt to remote working environments, our virtual instructor-led training programs allow companies to train a dispersed workforce effectively.

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      The COVID-19 crisis presents the financial industry with an unprecedented new challenge. Now, more than ever, our industry-leading training solutions are the ideal way to help your staff respond quickly and confidently during these uncertain times. Our extensive experience delivering virtual training will ensure that your learners receive the same great learning outcomes as they would through a traditional in-person classroom session.

    What are the benefits and features of a Moody's Virtual Instructor-Led Training session?

      Our virtual instructor-led training sessions go beyond a typical webinar by ensuring a high level of engagement between the facilitator and student. We use a broad range of online interactive features to provide an engaging, collaborative virtual classroom experience. Learners will participate in online polling, break-out groups, whiteboard activities and discussions with fellow peers in order to build their financial industry acumen.

      Learn anytime, from anywhere in the world.

      Engage in live, high-quality online content.

      Collaborate in private breakout sessions for group work and discussions

      Participate in real-time whiteboarding, polling and discussion tools.

      Receive instant feedback and evaluations to support your learning goals.