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    Learn to speak knowledgeably and confidently with small business owners

    What is Understanding Small Business?

      Understanding Small Business introduces the business-related concepts and terminology that precipitate meaningful, productive conversations with small business owners. It explores a variety of topics that are key to understanding how a small business operates, including the operating and capital investment cycles, forms of business organization, business growth stages, and the key components of business financial statements, business tax returns and Schedule C of the U.S. personal tax return.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Recognize a small business owner’s needs and ask knowledgeable questions about the business
    • Recognize the basic components of business financial statements and tax returns and explain how they are used to uncover business borrowing needs
    • Identify cross-selling opportunities based on conversations with small business owners
    • Discuss the benefits of financial solutions in ways that will resonate with small business owners

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