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    What is a Skills Application Lab?

      Skills application labs provide your financial institution’s learners with an exciting and challenging opportunity to “take the lead” as they apply the skills and knowledge they’ve gained from Moody’s Analytics eLearning courses.
      During these on-site, facilitated training events, participants evaluate banking and lending opportunities, brought to life via comprehensive case studies and real-world business scenarios. Throughout each session, they hone their abilities by using what they’ve learned to draw their own conclusions and make their own decisions.
      Skills application labs are available to corporate clients to enhance learning in a variety of areas, including consumer and commercial credit, specialty lending, and retail and commercial sales.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Improve their judgement and decision-making abilities
    • More readily and confidently transfer new skills to their daily activities
    • Build collaborative relationships with their peers
    • Enhance the financial institution’s return on training investment

    Skills application labs feature:

    • Small- and large-group activities that encourage participants to learn from one another
    • Animations that bring the case study content to life
    • Instant-response polling to encourage discussion and give all participants a voice
    • Capstone activities, including mock loan presentations and recorded skill practices
    • Expert-level facilitation and feedback from highly qualified instructors

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