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    What is Retail Banking I?

      Retail Banking I provides the comprehensive set of practical multi-disciplinary competencies required to support the transformation in retail banking.

      Candidates experience a customer journey through a lens of key banking functions and processes, and their evolution driven by technology. They are equipped with business acumen and technical skills that bridge retail bank knowledge siloes and deliver sustainable value.

      Upon completion, Candidates will have a deep understanding of the end-to-end customer experience to make more informed and faster decisions that drive customer-centric outcomes and create customer lifetime value for the bank.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Identify an ethical model for customer-centric retail banking and apply this model to follow an appropriate course of action when faced with an ethical dilemma
    • Describe the core services of a retail bank and explain the value of these services to customers
    • Apply a sales process to increase the value of sales, both to customers and to the retail bank
    • Determine the key methods used to understand customers and digital marketing opportunities by evaluating some of the latest tools and techniques
    • Determine and apply specific sales strategies for digitally innovative services
    • Demonstrate the links between customer service quality, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty
    • Understand the operational challenges introduced by digital disruption across a retail bank’s front, middle and back offices
    • Respond to the changing roles of channels in delivering effective customer relationship management

    With Moody’s Analytics eLearning:

    • You will remain engaged in training, thanks to our interactive presentations and video lectures
    • You will elevate your professional currency by completing a course from a globally recognized leader in the retail banking space
    • You will develop skills you can immediately apply on the job, to instantly transform your performance

    Is there a pathway?

      Continue your learning journey and progress your career by entering onto the next level of the Certified Retail Banker (CRB) curriculum.

      Retail Banking II is the second level of the CRB curriculum which focuses on the competencies required to build and manage high-performing, cross-functional, agile teams in support of the transformation in retail banking and sustainable profitability.


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