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    Profitability and Credit Risk

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    Profitability and Credit Risk provides insights to mitigate risks and different types of exposures on a bank’s books in terms of capital, risk, and expected loss. This 8-10 hour eLearning course is on the learning path for the Certificate in Commercial Credit.

    You learn how to:

    • Gain insights into banking regulations, their treatment of different types of risk, and methods of calculating the riskiness of an asset.
    • Improve loan quality by aligning your institution’s risk appetite and its overall strategy.
    • Develop skills to maximize profitability by pricing loans more precisely without taking undue risks.
    • Identify how credit risk relates to individual loans and its potential impact upon portfolios of loans.
    • Apply the concepts in your day-to-day credit decisions, improving decision quality, consistency, and transparency.

    With Moody’s Analytics eLearning:

    • You gain in-depth understanding of credit theory and sector-specific factors from our relevant and current banking course.
    • You concentrate your studies on the areas where you have knowledge gaps, through our pre-course diagnostics.
    • You optimize your learning time through our engaging, industry-leading online programs with interactive, multi-media lessons and quizzes.
    • You complete the curriculum through an end-of-course, online exam to test mastery of the concepts taught.
    • Program sponsors can monitor participation, assess performance, and access critical detail to support measuring ROI.

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