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    The Principles of ESG
    The Principles of ESG

    The Principles of ESG Course

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    What is The Principles of ESG?

      The Principles of ESG introduces the terms, concepts, and regulatory frameworks that form the basis of ESG risk identification, equipping all financial institution employees with an understanding of ESG risk and preparing them to engage more fluently in ESG-related discussions.

      Participants learn what ESG is, what drives ESG risk, and how ESG risk impacts financial institutions. They then explore the UN Principles for Responsible Banking, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and other international guidelines driving sustainable finance. Throughout the course, participants study real-world examples of the successes and challenges that financial institutions have experienced in their journey toward greener banking and finance solutions.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Gain a general understanding of environmental, social, and governance risks
    • Discuss ESG risks drivers
    • Explain the impact of ESG on financial institutions
    • Describe the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • Describe the Equator Principles
    • Outline the key principles of responsible banking and sustainable finance

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