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    Primary Elements of Business Lending

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    Primary Elements of Business Lending provides insights to the world of business lending and an overview of the credit risk assessment activities that support it. This 8-10 hour eLearning course is either for those who are new to credit or non-lenders who need to understand the business of lending.

    You learn how to:

    • Understand business types, legal structures, and the reasons why commercial enterprises borrow money.
    • Identify qualitative risks that arise in a borrower’s competitive marketplace.
    • Utilize quantitative analysis techniques that are useful in assessing a firm’s financial risk.
    • Understand key issues and risks relating to commercial properties as components of business practice.
    • Recognize common loan types and structures.

    With Moody's Analytics eLearning:

    • You gain in-depth understanding of credit theory and sector-specific factors from our relevant and current content.
    • You concentrate your studies on the areas where you have knowledge gaps, through our pre-course diagnostics and comprehension checks.
    • Program sponsors can monitor participation, assess performance, and access critical detail to support measuring ROI.

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