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    What is Performance Planning Session?

      The Performance Planning Session is a one-day, facilitated executive session designed to help you build organizational alignment as your financial institution prepares to launch a sales and service training initiative in partnership with Moody’s Analytics. The session is preceded by an in-depth performance analysis, which will help us to identify your retail organization’s strengths and weaknesses and improve our ability to partner with you to ensure your initiative’s long-term success.

      At the Performance Planning Session, we’ll discuss the findings of the performance analysis, then partner with you to define your organization’s sales, service and management priorities, identify potential obstacles to your initiative’s success, and guide you as you craft a compelling message to communicate your initiative and goals throughout the organization.

    What will you achieve during this session?

    • Form a consensus around the retail organization’s key business initiatives and goals
    • Build understanding of the retail organization’s current and desired states
    • Identify organization-specific sales, service and management priorities
    • Craft a compelling message to communicate the retail organization’s vision and objectives to all employees

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