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    Microlearning: Distressed Market Series – Business Lending

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      In distressed markets, financial institutions face both an increase in requests for new credit, and an increase in the volume of missed loan payments, covenant breaches, nonperforming loans, and consequently, provision levels.

      Short on time, long on needs?

      In this environment, lenders will need to closely monitor their existing portfolios, understand the impact of a distressed market on cash flow, and determine the future viability of businesses.

      The Business Lending segment of our Distressed Markets series addresses these challenges and provides an impactful way to reinforce employees’ competencies with just under three hours of training time.

      With minimal downtime, employees will be better able to understand the impact of a distressed environment, reassess risk and its parameters under distressed conditions, and explore the best solutions to manage and mitigate risk with confidence.

    What will participants learn and be able to do?

    • Analyze industry, management, and regulatory risk to determine whether a business can recover from financial distress
    • Understand borrower financing needs, activity ratios, and facilities to restart the working capital cycle
    • Determine the effect on cash flow arising from government stimulus packages and regulatory forbearance
    • Understand the factors affecting sales and profitability, formulate projections, and determine future profitability
    • Be empathetic and genuine, build client trust, and manage their own emotions when having difficult conversations

    Why Moody’s Analytics eLearning:

    • Moody’s has the expertise and a range of solutions to help bankers across Retail, Small Business/SME, Commercial and Corporate Banking support their clients and protect the Bank’s interests
    • Employees will remain engaged in training, thanks to our interactive, multimedia lessons, quizzes and application exercises
    • Employees will reinforce and develop new skills, so they can immediately apply them on the job, instantly transforming their performance
    • Employees will elevate their professional skills by completing a course from a globally recognized leader in the credit training space

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