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    What is Mentoring Toolkits?

      Our Mentoring Toolkits equip your financial institution’s managers, coaches and mentors with a turnkey solution that they can use to strengthen, supplement and sustain the skills and knowledge learners develop in our industry-leading eLearning courses. With a toolkit in hand, mentors are able to support participants’ learning by reviewing difficult concepts, conducting skill reinforcement sessions and assisting staff with on-the-job skill transfer in the months following course completion.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Integrate the financial institution’s policies, procedures and best practices with the material covered in eLearning courses, resulting in a more impactful training experience
    • Accelerate employees’ ability to apply new skills and knowledge on the job
    • Strengthen organizational culture
    • Improve manager-to-employee communication
    • Enhance the financial institution’s return on training investment

    Mentoring Toolkits features:

    • A brief eLearning course that highlights coaching best practices
    • A course-specific Mentoring Guide that includes module-by-module coaching plans, discussion prompts and activities that encourage learners to link training directly to their jobs
    • A PowerPoint slide deck, complete with teaching notes, that includes a robust review of each module’s content

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