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    Investing in Bitcoin: Opportunities and Risks

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    What is Investing in Bitcoin: Opportunities and Risks?

      The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 has shone new light on investments that can provide diversification from traditional asset classes and act as a long-term store of value. One group of investment vehicles gaining increasing investor interest are the relatively new digital currencies known as cryptocurrencies. In this course, we focus our attention on Bitcoin, the largest and most actively traded of the various cryptocurrencies available today.

      Throughout the course, we focus on two prevailing themes:

    • The rationale and risks for investing in Bitcoin
    • The different ways to invest in Bitcoin and the pros and cons of each

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Identify the risks of investing in Bitcoin, and how those risks can be mitigated
    • Understand Bitcoin and the characteristics that give it unique value
    • Recognize the risks and regulatory concerns that are specific to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
    • Explain the different investment products on the market that offer exposure to Bitcoin
    • Assess the advantages, disadvantages, and risks of Bitcoin investing
    • Perform due diligence and evaluate potential investment opportunities

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