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    How can Moody’s Analytics prepare you for a Financial Crisis?

    Are you prepared for a financial crisis?
    Are you prepared for a financial crisis?
    The financial world is grappling with a sudden and far-reaching downturn, and many credit professionals lack sufficient experience to handle all its complexities. Lenders will need to closely monitor their existing portfolios, understand the impact of a distressed market on cash flow, and determine the financial stability of client businesses. In addition, as the market begins to recover, financial institutions will be expected to contribute to the economy’s revival by supporting the restart of businesses, all the while protecting their own financial stability.

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    How can Moody’s help?

      Moody’s Analytics understands the urgent need to prepare a dispersed workforce for the influx of clients facing financial difficulties, and the range of skills required to mitigate losses to financial institutions. We equally appreciate the time constraints now facing credit professionals.

      Our targeted series of short, focused, and highly relevant courses ensure that credit professionals are thoroughly equipped to face a highly volatile marketplace and serve their clients effectively.

    What courses are available?

      Problem Loans: Commercial and SME Bankers EditionBlended
      Problem Loans: Commercial and SME Banking helps Commercial and SME lenders identify clients at risk, evaluate their unique circumstances and needs, apply the financial institution’s risk appetite and policies, limit defaults, and mitigate losses.
      COURSE LENGTH 14 - 16 hours Inquire Now
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      Problem Credits: Corporate Bankers EditionVirtual Classroom
      Problem Credits: Corporate Banking helps corporate lenders facing complex situations. The course uses a real-world case study to track the phases of financial distress, restructuring, and bankruptcy for complex loans. Ultimately, lenders will be able to create an effective plan of action to address troubled situations and maximize recovery.
      COURSE LENGTH 2.5 days Inquire Now
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      Evaluating Liquidity RiskVirtual Classroom
      The Evaluating Liquidity Risk course addresses the limitations of traditional liquidity measures, and presents a practical framework to assess a borrower’s liquidity position and their ability to access sources of liquidity under stress.
      COURSE LENGTH 1 Day Inquire Now
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    What will you gain with Moody’s Analytics Learning?

    • Moody’s has the expertise and range of solutions to help credit professionals across retail, SME, commercial and corporate lending support their clients and protect the interest of their organizations
    • Moody’s courses and certification programs are offered in several formats – including online, virtual instructor lead, and blended delivery – to suit your organization’s needs
    • Credit professionals will reinforce and develop new skills that they can immediately apply on the job and elevate their performance
    • Credit professionals will enhance their professional skills with instruction from a globally recognized leader in the credit training space