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    Identify red flags in business financial statements

    What is Financial Accounting Fraud Risk?

      Financial Accounting Fraud Risk is a foundational-level course that introduces learners to the methods a client may use to manipulate their financial statements and the steps a lender can take to detect and respond to potential fraud.

      The course explains commonly employed fraudulent accounting practices, such as inappropriate revenue and expense recognition methods, and introduces basic techniques for adjusting the balance sheet and income statement to more accurately reflect the company’s financial condition.

      Real-world examples of companies that have been prosecuted for financial accounting fraud are woven throughout. Participants also have an opportunity to review the financial statements of a fictitious company to detect and calculate the impact of incorrect accounting treatments.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Identify client behaviors that may indicate an intent to mislead the lender.
    • Identify the ways in which a client may manipulate its financial accounting in order to misrepresent the business’s financial condition.
    • Review the notes to the financial statements for clues to unusual or suspicious accounting practices.
    • Recognize the steps to take when suspicious behaviors or accounting practices are identified.
    • Make simple adjustments to a business’s balance sheet and income statement to reverse the effect of incorrect accounting treatments and render a truer picture of the business’s financial condition.

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