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    Credit Reasoning and Writing
    Credit Reasoning and Writing
    Credit Reasoning and Writing teaches credit professionals how to prepare clear, complete credit approval documents that succinctly describe the financial institution's credit risk exposure. It introduces reader-focused writing techniques and immerses participants in a case study that challenges them to identify and write about key cash flow drivers and key risks and mitigants.

    Credit Reasoning and Writing is also available as a two-day public course in select locations.

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    What will you learn by taking this course?

      • Write clear, concise credit approval documents focused on information relevant to the decision-maker
      • Follow a prescribed approach to describe a business’s strengths, weaknesses, and key cash flow drivers
      • Systematically identify and prioritize a proposed loan’s significant risks and mitigants
      • Prepare a financial risk analysis supported by facts and well-aligned with the business analysis
      • Describe group structure risk and its impact on the overall credit risk assessment
      • Develop effective executive summaries that succinctly communicate key issues

    With Moody’s Analytics eLearning:

    • You develop in-depth understanding of the analytical and interpersonal skills you need to succeed as a credit professional
    • You build confidence and competence as you apply your skills to case studies
    • You remain engaged in training as you complete our interactive, multimedia lessons
    • You can use Coach, our industry-leading diagnostic tool, to pinpoint your skill and knowledge gaps and identify the exact training you need to remedy them
    • You can access courses 24-7 and from any device
    • Program sponsors can monitor participation, assess performance, and access critical details to support measuring return on investment

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