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    What is Consumer Lending?


      Consumer Lending (ConsL) leverages Moody’s Analytics expertise as a global leader in credit to provide banking and lending professionals with a solid foundation in consumer (retail) lending concepts and best practices.

      The course, which begins by describing the role that consumer credit plays within the bank and the community, provides you with tools and techniques in identifying the borrower's needs, so that you can readily identify the right financing solution.

      You are then introduced to a formal decision-making process for evaluating the borrower’s financial condition, identifying risks and making a reasoned loan recommendation.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Understand the customer and their borrowing needs at different stages of their life
    • Recognize the various risks associated with different types of consumer loans, including mortgages
    • Apply best practices in conducting due diligence
    • Recommend a suitable loan based on the customer’s needs and debt capacity
    • Underwrite the loan and monitor performance over time

    With Moody’s Analytics eLearning:

    • You will remain engaged in training, thanks to our mobile friendly, interactive, lessons and quizzes.
    • You complete module-level pretests that will help you identify where to focus your studies.
    • You develop skills you can immediately apply on the job, instantly transforming your performance.
    • You elevate your professional skills by completing a course from a globally recognized leader in the credit training space.

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