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    What is Collaborative Small Business Conversations?

      Collaborative Small Business Conversations teaches bankers how to leverage their knowledge of business-related concepts to have effective and meaningful conversations with small business owners about their borrowing and cash management needs.
      This blended learning solution begins with a short eLearning course that introduces the High-Impact Sales Process, a simple yet thorough framework for preparing for and conducting conversations that uncover a business’s needs. Upon successful completion of the eLearning course, participants are eligible to attend a two-day skills application lab. During this facilitated training event, they have an opportunity to apply what they’ve learned—and receive expert feedback—in a risk-free environment.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Effectively prepare for a meeting with a business owner
    • Engage business owners in ways that encourage them to reveal the needs of their businesses
    • Qualify needs by exploring the business’s asset conversion cycle, financial performance and current banking relationships
    • Present targeted solutions that demonstrate an understanding of the products and services that best meet the business’s needs
    • Gain the business owner’s commitment to advance the transaction

    With Moody's Analytics eLearning:

    • You will remain engaged in training, thanks to our interactive, multimedia lessons and quizzes
    • You can elevate your professional currency by completing a course from a globally recognized leader in the credit training space
    • You will develop skills that you can immediately apply on the job, instantly transforming your performance

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