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    Climate Change and Sustainable Finance
    Climate Change and Sustainable Finance

    Climate Change and Sustainable Finance Course

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    Climate Change and Sustainable Finance examines how climate change is reshaping the lending and investing environment and explores the benefits of financing and investing in opportunities arising from climate-related risks.

    What is Climate Change and Sustainable Finance?

      As floods, droughts, and other extreme weather events threaten business operations and supply chains, financial institutions must be prepared to support their clients as they adapt to a warming world.

      Climate Change and Sustainable Finance teaches financial services professionals how to navigate climate risks and regulations and identify climate change-related financing opportunities.

      The course begins with an overview of climate risk science and risk drivers, and examines the frameworks and regulations guiding companies’ adoption of green initiatives.

      As it explores the business case for green investments, it explains how businesses can mitigate the financial impact of climate change and adapt to climate change related disruptions. Participants then learn how to identify climate risks and opportunities in specific sectors, including the energy, building, transportation, agriculture, water, and waste management sectors, so that they can support clients’ mitigation and adaptation activities via sustainable finance and investment. They also explore real-world examples of financial institutions that are incorporating green finance practices into their policies, processes, and initiatives.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Identify the factors that lead to climate risk vulnerabilities within an organization.
    • Identify key climate risk frameworks, principles, and regulations.
    • Assess climate risks and opportunities in the energy, building, transportation, agriculture, waste management, water, and health sectors.
    • Support clients as they adjust their business strategies to mitigate and adapt to climate vulnerabilities.
    • Engage clients more effectively on the climate risks their businesses face and identify opportunities to provide sustainable finance.

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