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    What is a Certified Wealth Practitioner (CWP)?

      This certification defines and positions wealth management services following a principles-based approach which treats the client with professional integrity, from identifying appropriate investment products to managing a diversified investment portfolio that includes measures of portfolio performance.

      Business ethics underpin the core skills and competencies required to gain a deep understanding of a client’s needs in order to achieve their financial goals, from the wealth accumulation phase through to the wealth transfer life stage.

      Upon completion, you are able to build trusted partner relationships that deliver exceptional client outcomes and create lifetime client value for your organization.

    What will you learn by taking this certification?

    • Identify an appropriate ethical model for client-centric wealth management
    • Define compliance and explain the role of the compliance function in retail banks, including mitigating risks of laundering money and financing terrorism
    • Explain how business ethics encourage trust, and so improve financial performance
    • Describe the components of customer relationship management (CRM) as a process and analyze the expectations of relationship customers
    • Apply a critical understanding of the role of capital markets in generating wealth over the long term
    • Identify which lending, insurance and investment products are required in the wealth accumulation phase of the client
    • Subjectively identify the client’s degree of risk aversion through a suitable questionnaire
    • Recommend a diversified product portfolio that includes diversification methods, strategic asset allocation, and measures of portfolio performance
    • Compare and contrast market risk, equity risk and currency risk, and explain their paramount role in investment decisions
    • Describe the concept of WealthTech and recognize key sub-areas
    • Evaluate leading trends in Personal Financial Management (PFM)
    • Analyze the financial needs of affluent Millennials

    With Moody’s Analytics eLearning:

    • You take a flexible, convenient and scalable learning solution and align it to meet your organization’s strategic business and learning objectives
    • You remain engaged in training, thanks to our interactive presentations and video content
    • You elevate your professional currency by completing a course from a globally-recognized leader in the retail banking space
    • You will develop skills you can immediately apply on the job, instantly enhancing your performance

    What is the exam structure?

      • The Certified Wealth Practitioner examination has one part lasting two hours.
      • There is a no break during the examination.
      • The examination has 40 multiple choice questions. Each question will have only one correct answer. Each question is awarded one mark for a total of 40 marks.
      • The examination also has three scenarios. Each of these three scenarios require answers to eight multiple-choice questions. Each scenario is worth eight marks for a total of 24 marks.
      • Questions examine for mastery of basic key principles and concepts from every module of the Certified Wealth Practitioner curriculum.
      • The use of calculators is permitted.

      Criteria for Passing the CWP Examinations

      • The passing score is 55%.
      • In calculating the final grade (Pass/Fail/Distinction) equal weighting is given to each part of the examination. A minimum score of 50% is required in each part to pass the examination.
      • To pass the examination, Candidates are required to pass the Ethics section of the exam with a minimum score of 55%.

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