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    Business Development Skills

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    Business Development Skills is designed for commercial and corporate lenders and relationship managers who want to re-energize their approach to sales and fine-tune their ability to grow their portfolios strategically, efficiently, and ethically. <br><br> In this interactive eLearning course, you will first learn how to build a business development plan for winning new clients and cultivating existing relationships in today’s lending environment. You will then explore proven methods and techniques for identifying opportunities, contacting prospects, and prioritizing day-to-day tasks. Finally, you will examine the steps you can take to run your businesses ethically and in full compliance with prevailing regulations

      You Learn How to:
    • Create a business development plan for winning new clients and deepening relationships with existing clients
    • Follow a structured process to build networks, approach prospective clients, and analyze their businesses using a structured process
    • Recognize the types of ethical dilemmas that might arise and manage them in a way that builds loyalty and trust
    • Understand your role in ensuring that the financial institution remains in compliance with applicable regulations

    With Moody’s Analytics eLearning:

    • You optimize your learning time through our engaging, industry-leading online programs with interactive, multi-media lessons, which feature videos, exercises and job-aids.
    • You demonstrate your mastery of the concepts by completing module level tests.

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