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    Credit risk assessment and lending decision skills for commercial real estate lenders

    What is Analyzing Commercial Real Estate?

      Analyzing Commercial Real Estate provides an analytical framework for assessing risks associated with commercial real estate and improving the quality of lending decisions. It reviews the different types of risks inherent in real estate deals, guides participants through cash flow and coverage analyses, and highlights issues of valuation and loan structuring.

    What will you learn by taking this course?

    • Distinguish among different types of income-generating properties
    • Assess property-specific and external risks associated with lending against commercial properties
    • Evaluate the quality of the income a commercial property generates
    • Structure historical and projected property cash flow statements and assess a property’s ability to generate sufficient cash to repay debt as agreed
    • Perform sensitivity analyses to assess a property’s ability to continue to generate enough cash flow in less-than-ideal circumstances
    • Properly discuss the commercial real estate appraisals process

    With Moody’s Analytics eLearning:

    • You will remain engaged in training, thanks to our interactive lessons and quizzes.
    • You complete module-level pretests that will help you identify where to focus your studies.
    • You develop skills you can immediately apply on the job, instantly transforming your performance.

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