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Prepare yourself to write the final exam and earn the Certificate in Commercial Credit (CICC) to demonstrate you have achieved a global standard in credit analysis and decisioning.

What is the approximate weighting of topics in the CICC exam?

  • Commercial Lending: 50% 
  • Problem Loans: 20% 
  • Profitability and Credit Risk: 30% 
  • Note the exam is written in person and is scheduled quarterly in major cities.

  • Exam format: paper
  • Questions per exam: 60
  • Question format: Multiple-Choice
  • Exam length: Two hours
  • Attempts allowed per exam: Three
  • Passing grade: 60%
  • Enrollment period: One year (no extensions allowed)

With the CICC exam module you:

  • Have an opportunity to prepare and build your confidence in advance.
  • Gain access to all pre-requisite course content to refresh your memory of the concepts taught.
  • Can use course quizzes and the exam mode in the Commercial Credit Check to help you assess your readiness for the exam.
  • Focus your preparation efforts by testing your overall knowledge and discovering which course topics may require more study time.
  • Determine your readiness with sample questions and show how well you perform in all subject areas.
  • Manage time constraints by experiencing the pressure of the mock exam.