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Since 1996, The Asian Banker has been a leading provider of strategic intelligence on the financial services industry.



How Winners Are Chosen

The Asian Banker China Awards recognizes competition that is specific to financial institutions; banks and non-banks, in China. While we often have numerous submissions across countries and regions competing for a single awards category in the international program, the China Awards is focused on efforts at the national level that may be unique or specific to the country.


Submissions to the awards program are made jointly by financial institutions and Technology vendors in China. The winners for these awards are determined through a combination of questionnaires, interviews, and field research by The Asian Banker’s research staff.




The Asian Banker China Country Awards 2021

About Credit Economic Capital






About Credit Economic Capital
We help firms calculate economic capital, using a one-year value-at-risk (VaR) Monte Carlo approach. Our insights help quantify diversification benefits and concentration measures across portfolios and risk types to inform management, active asset allocation, and strategic business decisions.
About Portfolio Optimization





About Portfolio Optimization
Our models, research, software, and credit risk expertise help firms improve portfolio performance and meet Basel requirements. We quantify diversification benefits across portfolios, and define risk types that inform risk management and active asset allocation decisions.

About Strategic Capital Planning




About Strategic Capital Planning
Moody’s Analytics strategic capital planning solutions provide key capital ratio and credit metric projections based on a variety of strategic and economic scenarios.

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