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Press Release

“Other tools on the market do some of what the PFaroeDB solution does, but none matches the depth of visibility it delivers, on a cross-balance sheet basis.”...


"PFaroeDB from RiskFirst – a Moody’s Analytics company – enables pension plans, their advisers and managers to evaluate risk from multiple perspectives and perform real-time scenario stress-testing."...

Judges' Comments
"PFaroe is well established as a leading product for pension funds and the acquisition of RiskFirst by Moody's is a further strong endorsement. RiskFirst has been a market sector leader with a competitive, functionally rich product and happy users and is now able to leverage Moody's ownership and assets."
About PFaroe™ DB
About PFaroe™ DB

The PFaroe DB platform from RiskFirst, a Moody's Analytics company, brings together disparate, often fragmented data to give these stakeholders that clear and consistent view, and with it a deeper understanding of their plan’s asset and liability risks. It delivers a range of information from across the balance sheet in one place and, as a result, all of a plan’s stakeholders have the same view and can conduct the same levels of analysis, leading to more collaborative and informed decision-making.

Matthew Seymour, Chief Executive Officer, RiskFirst, Says:

“For defined-benefit pension plans, their advisers and managers, risk management is vital. To manage their risk effectively, a joined-up, transparent and up-to-date view of their plan must be available when they need it. That means aligning multiple pieces of fragmented data, which can be quite challenging. Investment managers, trustees, actuaries and other advisers all need to analyse and understand their plan’s overall position. Our PFaroeDB solution offers a central information platform coupled with a comprehensive suite of analytics and tools that provides all involved parties with a clear and consistent view of the plan’s asset and liability risk. PFaroeDB delivers that information on a cross-balance sheet basis, all in one place, so everyone who uses it has the same view. Better and more accessible information leads to better decisions and better outcomes. With PFaroeDB, stakeholders can understand their plan’s performance better and make more strategic decisions accordingly.”