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The Risk Technology Awards focus on market risk, trading, and investment risk technology. The award winners are decided by a panel of judges selected by the editors of Risk.net.




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"This recognition for our stress testing capabilities demonstrates that our customers are successfully meeting this crucial challenge.”...


"For enterprise-wide stress-testing and the specific challenges of credit stress-testing, Moody’s Analytics offers a suite of applications, plus asset class-specific loss estimation models and forward-looking macroeconomic scenarios."...

Judges' Comments
"Moody's Analytics offers a blueprint for best-in-class in the still-evolving category of enterprise-wide stress-testing. Its solution is comprehensive in scope and rich in functionality."
About Capital Risk Analyzer
Capital Risk Analyzer
About Capital Risk Analyzer

Capital Risk Analyzer combines economic, credit, and accounting know-how to help organizations evaluate strategic decisions based on financial and regulatory metrics for capital planning and stress testing (DFAST, EBA).

About Scenario Analyzer
Scenario Analyzer
About Scenario Analyzer
Scenario Analyzer enables financial institutions to implement transparent, repeatable, and auditable stress testing processes that integrate data, models, and reports. It allows banks to facilitate end-to-end bank-wide stress testing and capital planning exercises, with a workflow to orchestrate and review data ahead of regulatory submissions (such as for CCAR, DFAST, EBA, and PRA). 
About Scenario Studio
U.S. Macro Forecast Modeling Platform
About Scenario Studio
Designed with rigorous forecast governance at the core, Scenario Studio enables you to produce custom scenarios in a multi-user environment with process controls that provide complete oversight. Scenarios can be created for 60+ countries and 10 regional aggregates by adjusting 10,000+ detailed economic and financial time series to match your assumptions.
Olivier Brucker, Senior Director, Moody’s Analytics, Says:

“For banks, assessing and managing their financial risk is more important than ever. Stress-testing, and understanding the potential impacts of different scenarios – for example, a pandemic – plays a critical role in how they manage that risk. The Moody’s Analytics Stress Testing Suite drives stress-testing programmes at financial institutions around the world. Our customers still need to respond quickly to regulatory requests – but also to put the results of their stress-testing exercises to good use by extracting maximum business value. Our suite of modular, integrated solutions helps them achieve both goals, with the insights they gain in the process leading to better, more strategic decisions.”